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Video - THIS IS ME - Philippe Gnannt

Now of course, freestyle football is all about self-expression. It really is just 'sky's the limit' and if you take a quick look on social media nowadays you'll see kids trying to do tricks with a football EVERYWHERE.

So sometimes it can be hard to standout but that doesn't mean it's not something worth trying to do. I decided to venture on a new project with the help of my friend Lasse who helped shoot this video. Like I touched on earlier, I really wanted my views and partly my personality to come across in this piece. We spent a lot of time not just on the shooting phase but the editing too in order to ensure the end product was flawless. What can I say I am a bit of a perfectionist? Haha.

The video not only includes some awesome freestyling from myself, but different to what I normally see or the kind of videos I usually make, I try to give my own perspective about freestyle and my goals for the future so I guess you could say this video is a lot more deep and personal to me.

Obviously there is only so much I can say about it so I think it'd be much better if you kick back and watch it yourself! (Video below) And I'd love to hear any feedback about it whatsoever as well!