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July – September 2015

These months were packed. I was hitting the road so often, it was incredible.

With that being said, I will only break down the highlights I experienced in this time period.

Let's kick it off with an amazing event. Kai, a street-soccer player from Berlin, and me were flown over to Stockholm to take part in an Adidas #bethedifference 2 vs. 2 competition against locals. We did really good even though we only advanced to the top 8 but still we delivered a great show and it was soooo much fun. And this is what it's all about - having fun. :-) I met up with Cornelius and Liicht as well, two street-soccer players from Copenhagen Panna House. These guys are always so cool to hang out with. I actually know Liicht since 2010 I think. We first met up at the World Freestyle-Football Championship in Prague. Lucky me that the pannas these two folks gave me in Sweden haven't been recorded. :D


THE HIGHTLIGHT OF THE YEAR was to be invited being one of three judges for the European Freestyle-Football Championship in Amsterdam. What a huge honour!!! Along with the legends Clyde and Martin Schopf, I decided about who will take the crown. Even though it was a lot of stress sometimes and I would've loved to freestyle more, in the end it was all worth it. The experiences I gained as a judge were tremendous. I'm so happy I got the opportunity and I only received positive feedback which makes me really proud. If you want to see how my journey looked like, make sure to watch my Vlogs below. Big shout-out once again to Lucaso for making this event happen. And congratulations to Tobias Becs aka the Norwegian warrior for winning the competition. You deserved it 100%!!!


Another highlight was taking place in August. I travelled to Munich for the Audi Cup 2015. The hotel we were at was a whole another level. Heading to the fitness room in the morning, eating breakfast, performing in the Allianz Arena and watching a couple of games. After that taking a swim in the hotel pool and sweating in the sauna. But none of these experiences would've been the same and as awesome if I wouldn't have shared them with my very good friend Julian Hollands. Since 2006 we are like best friends and whenever I see him, it makes me smile so much. Shout out to my homie!! Can't wait to see you again bro. :-)

And yeah, we also performed at the saison opening event for VFL Wolfsburg. Take a look at some pictures of this performance and the Audi Cup LP below. :-)


See you for the next blog post guys!