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2016 - Let's Get It

First of all, happy new year everybody!!! :-)

I hope everyone had a great start and what more can I say?! Let's make 2016 count!!!


So I started this year with creating a few freestyle videos. A freestyler named Hassaan from Syria moved to Berlin a couple of months ago and he already became a good friend. :-) Here's a video we did together:

Since he has a different style, I already learnt so many cool new tricks from him and I can truly say I'm blessed to be able training with him! :-)

As you guys might have already realized, one of my main goals for 2016 is to create a lot of high quality and cool videos.

So I made another video. This time with my homie Alexander from FC. Footstar.

Go check it out here folks:

And last but not least I went viral with this video:

If you want to get to know the full story behind me going viral, please read my blog post

"Yeezy 350 x Freestyle Football".


More cool stuff happened this month but that's it for now folks. :-)

Looking forward to February,

keep on ballin'