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April - June 2015

I was blessed to judge the Czech Freestyle-Football Championship in Liberec this year together with my friends Martin Schopf and Jan Krepl. It's always too much fun when the whole squad comes together. The freestyle community is literally outstanding! Training, talking, partying, … #blessed. Huge congratulations to Kari for taking the 1st place. Plus, I couldn't thank one person more, big up to the BIG BOSS LUCASO for making all this happen. I had such a blast!!! :-)

If you want to see my VLOG from the trip to Liberec, feel free to check it out just underneath.

No world cup this year. But nevertheless some performances took place. I really like performing, putting a smile on peoples faces and make them happy. It's one of the greatest gives we freestylers have if you ask me. The ability to inspire others. Not many people can say that. We are blessed to have a hobby where we can easily make friends and others feel good. But for me, it will always remain more important to get better at my freestyle tricks than having shows. Don't get me wrong: earning money with what you love is one of the greatest things ever but when I'm old and look back at my career I want to be able to say: „I improved all the time and didn't get stuck.“

So in June I had three performances. One was for HDI in Dresden, another one for Foot Locker in Berlin and last but not least I was lucky to perform for Audi when the Champions League Final took place. Also in Berlin. Aaaaand since I'm living in the capital of Germany, these two LPs were home matches. Below are some pictures of me performing. :-)

colorsofthefinal2015 Foot Locker 2.jpeg

By the way, Highsnobiety even featured me on their website. They made a really cool recap story about the launch of the new Foot Locker store. Here's the link to the article:

Ahhhh I almost forgot:

I shot another video in April! It was recorded in a football cage in Berlin Kreuzberg. No more words to be added. Enjoy guys!!!