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2016 - Let's Get It

First of all, happy new year everybody!!! :-)

I hope everyone had a great start and what more can I say?! Let's make 2016 count!!!


So I started this year with creating a few freestyle videos. A freestyler named Hassaan from Syria moved to Berlin a couple of months ago and he already became a good friend. :-) Here's a video we did together:

Since he has a different style, I already learnt so many cool new tricks from him and I can truly say I'm blessed to be able training with him! :-)

As you guys might have already realized, one of my main goals for 2016 is to create a lot of high quality and cool videos.

So I made another video. This time with my homie Alexander from FC. Footstar.

Go check it out here folks:

And last but not least I went viral with this video:

If you want to get to know the full story behind me going viral, please read my blog post

"Yeezy 350 x Freestyle Football".


More cool stuff happened this month but that's it for now folks. :-)

Looking forward to February,

keep on ballin'


October - December 2015

No rest. No days off.

In winter there's normally not as much going on as in summer since there aren't as many sport events happening (except winter sport events but that's too far away from football haha). Anyway there were still some notable things happening.

In November I flew to Paris to present the new DFB away jersey for the Euro 2016 with some lads of the Club of 35. The Club of 35 is a football club which consists of some of the best youth football players from Berlin.

I can tell you one thing about this trip straight away: it was sooooooo much fun. :-)

Here's a short summary of what happened:

we flew to Paris on Thursday the 12th of November. We were driven straight from Charles-de-Gaulle to the event venue - the Adidas „Future Arena“. Once we were there we had a couple of hours to kill which was awesome. I met up with Russian freestylers and street-football players I've never seen before. Shout out to Street Madness! They even recognised me but unfortunately I didn't recognize them... my bad, sorry guys. :)

I also met some freestylers from S3 and the SkillTwins as well. It was huuuuuuuge. Zidane and Xavi were there and we did our show with the the 2014 World Cup winner Per Mertesacker.


And here are some pictures:

The next day was packed, too. First we got to discover the city of Paris. It's such a wonderful city and definitely worth a visit. We went to the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and some more beautiful places. Here are my favourite pictures:

And once we were at the Eiffel Tower, a photographer asked me if I could do some freestyle tricks for him. I did so and you know what happened? A couple of days later he sent me this video:

DAAAAAAAAAMMMMNNNN!!! I'm blessed... this is unbelievable! Shout out to Mattia for the footage! Thank you soooooo much. :-)

At the end of the day we went to a a fancy restaurant and afterwards we watched the game France vs. Germany.... Everybody knows what happened next so I won't talk about it so much anymore. But yeah... it was shocking...

The next day we flew back home to Berlin.

Of course I also made a VLOG about the trip to Paris. If you want to visually see what went down, simply click the video underneath. :D

Apart from the trip to Paris I had a couple of performances and created a new video. I wanted to make something different so I decided to film a video “VHS STYLE” with the app “VHS Camcorder”.

No freestyler has ever done a video like this before so I'm very proud to be the first one.

So yeah, I'll keep it short. Here you go:

That's it from this years summary. I really hope you liked reading what happened this year and I wish you Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016! :-)

Keep on baaaaaallliiiiiiiiinnnnn'


January - March 2015

"January - March 2015 - what do you mean?!?!"

This is what probably everyone out there thinks when he reads the headline. But yeah, what is my intention behind this headline?

Simple. Since 2015 is about to end I will make a resumé about the things I did with freestyle this year - competitions, shows, meetings, etc.

I will now start by summarizing the first three months of the year. :-)

So what did I exactly do in those winter months? Since it's ice cold outside and no competitions are around, this is proably the best time to practice. I'm lucky I have two indoor halls for the winter where I practice with the Footbag Team FC Footstar. It's always too much fun with these guys... they're very cool, friendly and what they can pull off with these small footbags is insaaaaaane!!! Apart from practice, practice, practice nothing really happened in these first three months. But wait for the summer!! ;-)

I almost forgot - if you want to see how one of the indoor halls looks like, make sure to check out my VLOG from December 2014. The video is just underneath this post.