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Some Different Videos I Released

So in this one I just wanted to bring some attention to 3 videos I made recently in 2016. All very unique and all featuring one of the biggest things in my life; Freestyle Football.

1.      "Fussballspieler"

For this video I took the song "Opernsänger" by Yung Hurn. It's a very random song in which he's rapping about David Alaba (The Bayern Munich Left Back) and how he is going to become a football-player if his girlfriend wants him to do so because he loves her so much. It's pretty funny in German trust me. :-)

With my good friend Anshu we went to a street court nearby Warschauer Straße in Berlin to film this. With this video it was pretty chilled and we managed to get it all shot in a day. The clips I mainly wanted to be ones that would look good in slow motion, and I also met two kids there while filming who wanted to be in it so we did the "Dab" together haha.

   2.     "Summertime Vibe$$$"

For this video I actually got inspired by recently watching lots of skateboard videos and I just wanted to do something else a little different again to the majority of most freestyle videos these days. This is just about conveying having fun. There are no serious combos, just enjoying life and having a good care free session with my friend Anshu. Don't get me wrong there is still some tough stuff in here! But I wanted to shoot it in a much more natural way than a lot of freestyle videos that still shows all the positive vibes with no heavy editing. 

I decided to take a funny song which captures the mood perfectly and makes people smile, cos at the end of the day, we should all smile a lot more haha. Thanks again to Anshu's friend Pierre for filming this one!

     3.     "Noisy"

In this video I also wanted to do something completely different from what we freestylers are used to seeing. I guess you could say this one is a lot more 'edgy' and 'artsy' but I'm really happy with the end product which took me a few days to edit because of all the details such as editing to the music, applying film grain/film burns etc.

This was filmed on a cold day in Berlin Friedrichshain & Kreuzberg by Anshu once again. This out of the 3 videos is probably my most favourite because of how different it is. I remember staying up late spending a lot of time paying attention to detail on it and I'm happy with the freestyle content in there as well as the other quirky additions like including photographic stills, I think this looks sick!

So if you watch any of the videos I'd love to know your thoughts on them, good or bad, and don't forget to subscribe for future vids on my YouTube-Channel as well.

Thanks for reading once again,


Yeezy Boost 350 x Freestyle Football

The story behind me going viral with a freestyle-football video.

Okay let's be honest. I'm a huge Kanye West fan. And I love the shoes he's creating but it's so hard to get your hands on them.

Luckily, on the day before the release of the Adidas Yeezy 350 (Oxford Tan), I got a call and was informed that I won at a raffle. I was number 33 but I wasn't sure at all whether I would get my shoe size or not since I've only won the shoe itself. Luckily I got my size and that's when I decided to do it.

I called a friend of mine, Helge Mundt from Berlin, who's a sick photographer and can also pull off amazing videos. Few hours later we met up at Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin Tiergarten and shot the video. Me simply freestyling in the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350. What happened then was crazy. But first let's watch the video. :-)

A few days later my video was posted on several blogs and Facebook-sites.

But how did I get so many top-notch streetwear/soccer-blogs to share my video?

By simply writing them.

Highsnobiety was the first big streetwear-blog to share the video.

Here's the article:

At the end, probably the biggest streetwear-blog out there, Hypebeast, listed my video on their site, too.

Also one of my favorite soccer/lifestyle-sites "SoccerBible" decided to put my video on their website.

Damn, that was off the hook. But you know what? If I wouldn't have sent out all these E-Mails, FB-messages, etc. nothing would have probably happened.

Furthermore, all my mails were written really friendly. No, I didn't write something like "please share my video" whatsoever but rather something like "a friend of mine and me put in a lot of time and effort and we would highly appreciate it if you give our video a try." And yep, that worked out.

I can say that I really learned a lot from all this and of course I'm very happy it worked out the way it did. The hype is crazy about these shoes and I got a tiny bit of the cake. Sometimes it's just the idea that counts and of course some skills aren't too bad either. :-D

But now it's time to put in even more effort for my upcoming videos. Motivation is on a 100! :-)


I really hope you liked this story and I wish you all the best for 2016

Keep on ballin'


April - June 2015

I was blessed to judge the Czech Freestyle-Football Championship in Liberec this year together with my friends Martin Schopf and Jan Krepl. It's always too much fun when the whole squad comes together. The freestyle community is literally outstanding! Training, talking, partying, … #blessed. Huge congratulations to Kari for taking the 1st place. Plus, I couldn't thank one person more, big up to the BIG BOSS LUCASO for making all this happen. I had such a blast!!! :-)

If you want to see my VLOG from the trip to Liberec, feel free to check it out just underneath.

No world cup this year. But nevertheless some performances took place. I really like performing, putting a smile on peoples faces and make them happy. It's one of the greatest gives we freestylers have if you ask me. The ability to inspire others. Not many people can say that. We are blessed to have a hobby where we can easily make friends and others feel good. But for me, it will always remain more important to get better at my freestyle tricks than having shows. Don't get me wrong: earning money with what you love is one of the greatest things ever but when I'm old and look back at my career I want to be able to say: „I improved all the time and didn't get stuck.“

So in June I had three performances. One was for HDI in Dresden, another one for Foot Locker in Berlin and last but not least I was lucky to perform for Audi when the Champions League Final took place. Also in Berlin. Aaaaand since I'm living in the capital of Germany, these two LPs were home matches. Below are some pictures of me performing. :-)

colorsofthefinal2015 Foot Locker 2.jpeg

By the way, Highsnobiety even featured me on their website. They made a really cool recap story about the launch of the new Foot Locker store. Here's the link to the article:

Ahhhh I almost forgot:

I shot another video in April! It was recorded in a football cage in Berlin Kreuzberg. No more words to be added. Enjoy guys!!!


January - March 2015

"January - March 2015 - what do you mean?!?!"

This is what probably everyone out there thinks when he reads the headline. But yeah, what is my intention behind this headline?

Simple. Since 2015 is about to end I will make a resumé about the things I did with freestyle this year - competitions, shows, meetings, etc.

I will now start by summarizing the first three months of the year. :-)

So what did I exactly do in those winter months? Since it's ice cold outside and no competitions are around, this is proably the best time to practice. I'm lucky I have two indoor halls for the winter where I practice with the Footbag Team FC Footstar. It's always too much fun with these guys... they're very cool, friendly and what they can pull off with these small footbags is insaaaaaane!!! Apart from practice, practice, practice nothing really happened in these first three months. But wait for the summer!! ;-)

I almost forgot - if you want to see how one of the indoor halls looks like, make sure to check out my VLOG from December 2014. The video is just underneath this post.


My first blog post

Hey guys,

I decided to create this blog. It will be in English as I want to reach as many people out there as possible. Most freestylers are from abroad - Scandinavia, America, Japan and so on... the list just won't stop. I'm very sorry for all the German native speakers since I'm from Germany myself but I hope you can understand why I made this decision.

So, what can you expect from my blog:

  • infos about competitions
  • latest updates regarding performances
  • tips to get better at freestyle / increase your life in general
  • Q&As
  • etc. :-)

With this being said - let's gooooooooooo and get this blog rollin'