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January - March 2015

"January - March 2015 - what do you mean?!?!"

This is what probably everyone out there thinks when he reads the headline. But yeah, what is my intention behind this headline?

Simple. Since 2015 is about to end I will make a resumé about the things I did with freestyle this year - competitions, shows, meetings, etc.

I will now start by summarizing the first three months of the year. :-)

So what did I exactly do in those winter months? Since it's ice cold outside and no competitions are around, this is proably the best time to practice. I'm lucky I have two indoor halls for the winter where I practice with the Footbag Team FC Footstar. It's always too much fun with these guys... they're very cool, friendly and what they can pull off with these small footbags is insaaaaaane!!! Apart from practice, practice, practice nothing really happened in these first three months. But wait for the summer!! ;-)

I almost forgot - if you want to see how one of the indoor halls looks like, make sure to check out my VLOG from December 2014. The video is just underneath this post.