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Video Shooting with Heino - April 2016

During April, one of my most amusing events was being a body double for the famous singer/songwriter Heino.

Heino is very well known across Germany and I have to say he is also a really nice guy as well. So what happened was we shot a video together where I was his body double for his new song 'Arschkarte'. I was doing all the freestyle football tricks so of course those are my legs not his that you see!

So above is a picture of the two of us together dressed the same. Looking back on it I find this pretty funny, notice how we've even got him wearing shoes which are quite good for freestyle too!

Below is the end product of the video which you can watch and will probably do a much better job of explaining things than me. It was actually a lot of fun and didn't take too many attempts to get the right shots that the director wanted at all.

Maybe one day our paths will cross again but if not I wish him all the best with his ongoing music career!

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